Work Package 4 completion

Work Package 4 is almost complete, as well as the recipe extraction for energy consumption using the project’s system. Work Package 5 will start soon.

Paper Presentation for EnergyCon 2020

The paper presentation of ” Towards an informative simulation-based application for energy saving in large passenger and cruise ships ” for EnergyCon 2020 can be

Preparation for Work Package 5

The project implementation team is preparing for Work Package 5 on pilot implementation and monitoring of the services developed.

Work Package 4

In Work Package 4, conclusions were drawn from the analysis of the relevant data on how the distribution of passengers in age groups affects the

Continuation of Simulations

The simulations of Work Package 3 are continuing by using the Any Logic in different scenarios using algorithms that we developed in Work Package 2

Paper Presentation for ESCC 2020

The paper presentation of “A Novel Approach for Handling Diverse Energy Consumption Issues in Large Passenger and Cruise Ships” for ESCC 2020 can be found

Project Deliverable D2.1

The second project deliverable D2.1 entitled “ Documentation report of the analysis and data synthesis algorithms and detailed presentation of algorithms ” has been completed.

Work package 4 has started

Project work package 4 entitled “Development and completion of advanced services and energy consumption management ” has started.  

Site Manual

Site Manual is completed and can be found in “Deliverables” page.

3rd Paper submission

The third paper of the project entitled “A novel approach for handling diverse energy consumption issues in large passenger and cruise ships” has been submitted