This deliverable aims to evaluate the current state of energy consumption in passenger ships (Work Package 1). As the ship’s equipment consists of independent energy “consumers” and each can be turned/configured to operate at its optimum performance )based on the manufacturer’s guidelines), recordings of current energy use benchmark in passenger ships, as well as identifying consumersa are required, whose energy consumption can be optimized.

This is necessary in order for the findings to be algorithmically considerd in the next phase of the ECLiPSe project (Work Package 2), with the aim of analyzing and that demonstrating the optimal cost-benefit ratio, either in terms of equipment upgrading or improving efficiency, with the ultimate aim of reducing energy consumption and thus reducing environmental footprint of passenger ship.

The aim of the Work Package 2 is to document the analysis and data synthesis algorithms and to present them in detail.

The goal of this deliverable “Documentation report of the analysis and data synthesis algorithms and detailed presentation of algorithms” is the detailed presentation of the energy consumption analysis algorithm that will be used in the ECLiPSe project. Taking into account and researching other algorithms proposed and used in projects related to the recording of energy consumption either in smart buildings or in other places, in this work package we are called to develop an algorithm that will be used in the project to record and present the energy consumed by a ship but also to be able to suggest energy saving solutions.

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