Eclipse-Project THE PROJECT


The project Energy Saving through Smart Devices Control in Large Passenger and Cruise Ships(ECLiPSe) is aimed at developing an innovative information system that will monitor / coordinate / reprogram smart devices on these ships to provide maximum energy savings.  The system essentially takes over the overall management of the ship’s devices, either by programming them or (for non – programmable products / devices) by ensuring that they are switched on and off.  The ECLiPSe project supports the transition to the next generation of energy saving in the shipping industry. It offers innovative solutions utilizing advanced data analysis and synthesis  algorithms, knowledge management services and IoT infrastructures. The ultimate goal is to provide integrated solutions for the management of energy consumption in passenger ships and cruise ships and to reduce the environmental footprint of these ships at international level. The expected results from the implementation of the ECLiPSe project are the provision of new energy-saving services and systems to large passenger ships and cruise ships worldwide. The project is a Cooperation between OptionsNet company and University of Patras and is is funded by the Operational Program “Western Greece 2014-2020.